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"Thanks CIPF! While most of my friends are still trying to find jobs you've helped me find training and a career! I really didn't think it would be this easy. Thanks again."    -   John T.

"Thanks for helping me to get the skills necessary to begin my career."    -   Kelly S.

"Without this program, I never would've achieved so much. I've been working in the construction industry for over 2 years and it's definitely been the best thing that's every happened to me!"    -   Kim K.

"I was able to stop working in a bunch of dead end jobs, and get a career that I really enjoy. Instead of flipping burgers I'm flipping on the electricity!"    -   Gary R.

"You guys not only helped me get a helped me achieve my dreams. I now have a great job working outside in the summers and inside in the winters."    -   Jake P.

"With my new apprenticeship, I'm not only learning a skill, I'm getting paid for it! So while I'm learning all about my industry and collecting a weekly paycheck, my friends are still stuck in a classroom."    -   Bernie B.

"This is the greatest! With your help I've been working and earning. I'm making more money now then I ever thought someone like me could! Thanks again."    -   Jay L.

"A buddy of mine said I should go check out your website. And with the info I got, I was able to get into a program, and into a job. It was breeze. Thanks."    -   Robert M.

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