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What’s the Alaska Construction Industry Progress Fund?

CIPF was created for you! The industry wants you to see how well construction pays, how good the benefits are, and how interesting the work. Construction is a vibrant industry in Alaska now and in the near future!


Construction Industry
CIPF is structured to do the following:

The Alaska CIPF is organized to advance the interests of the building and construction industry in the State of Alaska.

To accomplish its mission, the CIPF is structured to:
  • Inform the public of the positive contribution made to the people of the State of Alaska by the building and construction industry;
  • Discuss the problems restricting the efficiency and productivity of the industry;
  • Propose solutions to those problems to assist the industry in better assisting the public;
  • Establish a communication and education system in Alaskan schools to inform future Alaskans of the opportunities in the building and construction industry: and,
  • Develop strategies to attract workers to the construction industry.
What’s AGC of Alaska?
AGC is the Alaska chapter of Associated General Contractors, a sister organization to CIPF. With the help of AGC the CIPF was formed.

Construction Industry
Why should you know about AGC?
AGC is the voice of construction. The voice is heard in Washington D.C. as well as in Juneau. If your future is construction, AGC will be there for you!. AGC’s purpose is:

The AGC of Alaska is a non-profit, full service construction association for commercial and industrial contractors with one goal in mind, to meet the needs of its members. AGC has been serving as a network to create new business and as a forum for the exchange of ideas for over 50 years. AGC is open to union and merit-shop contractors, subcontractors, and associates.

AGC membership is a proven formula for increasing opportunities and overall growth through access to a broad range of services. These services would be too costly or unavailable on an individual basis but can be found through membership with the AGC of Alaska. Additional support and resources are also available through the national AGC of America.

Construction Industry
The AGC of Alaska has established long-range purpose and goals for the chapter:
  • To provide method and means whereby members may avail themselves of the greater power of combined efforts through the chapter in securing just and honorable dealings for the public.
  • To foster and promote constructive legislation.
  • To promote better relations with private industry and with agencies of the federal and state governments and other political subdivisions, which require construction services.
  • To promote improved standards and ethical practices in the construction industry.
  • To promote more cordial and cooperative relations between members, contractors, and those with whom they deal or have contact in construction.
  • To carry on a constructive educational program with members of the chapter and the public.
  • To promote effective safety practices in construction.
    Special aims:
  • To make membership in the Chapter a reasonable assurance to the public of the skill, integrity and responsibility of its members.
  • To protect the legitimate market for the services of contractors against encroachment by governmental and other agencies.
  • To place the business risks assumed by contractors as near as possible on parity with the risks of other industries of production.
  • To provide for collective bargaining as a group with employees and with the building and construction trade unions.
  • To secure uniformity of action among the members forming the chapter on the general principles set forth in the construction and bylaws of this chapter and upon such other special lines of action as may be decided upon from time to time as being in the best interest of the chapter and for the good of the industry as a whole.

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